Cat Visits and Holiday Pet Care

When you are on holiday we will visit your pet once or twice daily to feed & refresh water, provide basic grooming, empty litter trays, clean cages and provide lots of playtime & TLC! The visit time can span from 20 minutes up to an hour or alternative arrangements can be made to suit your visit requirements. Our pet visits will also greatly enhance your home security by maintaining an 'at home' look whilst you are away. This is an excellent option for people who would prefer to leave their pets in the comfort of their own home while they go away.


Using our Pet visiting service, you can enjoy your holidays knowing that your cat and other small animals feel safe and relaxed and your home is looked after. Cats can find catteries very stressful and upsetting and who is there to look after the hamster, feed the fish or clean out the rabbit?

Your home is also being looked after to deter any uninvited guests. Our pet visiting service includes watering plants, opening & closing curtains, turning lights on or off, bringing in mail etc. PLEASE NOTE - there is no extra charge for this service.

Looked after in their normal environment, your pet, be it a cat, hamster, rat, budgie or rabbit will be treated to all the home comforts it has come to expect. This is a particularly good service for cats who always prefer to stay in their own home. Prices quoted are per visit and this service always includes bowls being cleaned, fresh water, litter trays emptied, cages cleaned etc. I am also happy to administer medication (if possible) and have a pet first aid certificate.