Dog Walking

Dogs will be collected from their homes, walked on or off the lead as requested by the owner, then returned home (towel dried if necessary). Dogs will travel to and from their homes in a van with secure cages. They will have a 45 mins - 1 hour walk in the park, on the moors or by the river and return home happy and well exercised. We sometimes also use one of the local 'secure' fields which is invaluable for any dogs who, for whatever reason, are unable to go off lead in a public place.

The Dog Walking service is designed for anyone who cannot walk their own dog for whatever reason.  Whether it’s due to full-time employment, an illness or working from home - we can help you out. Your dog will be exercised and socialised with other dogs under strict supervision.  Dogs that are not compatible with other dogs will never be walked together. If your dog cannot be socialised with other dogs please contact us to discuss alternative arrangements.


Puppy Visits / Golden Oldies

Your puppy or elderly dog will have a half hour visit to your home with an individual walk if required. We will top up water and feed if required, gives lots of cuddles and play time and will clean up any accidents which may have occurred.


Once a puppy is old enough he/she can join the group walks and get some much needed socialisation.

Professional, insured carers make sure your dog has a holiday as great as yours!


We are not currently taking on any new boarders.


Dogs walked by Beany's on a regular basis will be boarded if space available


Fully licensed with Bradford Council 

Licence Number 446182

Fully licenced